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Nestled quietly in the historical Sand Hill Community, you will find the Washington Street Community Center (WSCC). Once an elementary school, Washington Street was the only school in Covington that educated children of African American families. WSCC, itself has a rich educational history of success in transforming lives and making a difference.




It is our mission to make a positive impact on school drop-out rates, teen pregnancies, crime and other social ills. WSCC is committed to drive a new era of development and growth. With these efforts, generations of productive citizens equipped for success will be formed.We have and will continue to implement sustainable programs that provide life-long experiences.



For over 20 years, meaningful community collaborations and partnerships have helped us stay true to our values.With a staff of dedicated adults and volunteers,we will continuously educate, inform, and inspire our community. Washington Street will forever be a nurturing environment that promotes all of these ideals.